Since the passage of the controversial law on intelligence in France, all datacenter located in that country may be tapped through black boxes that are supposed to detect suspicious behavior susceptibles to be interpreted as behavior of terrorists. Despite our various protests the fact that putting on "listening" of all the French Net, in addition to not ensure effectiveness in objective assumed (tracking down terrorists), flout privacy of the population, the authority has passed this law.

Although aware that the fight against terrorism is a necessity, that the safety of the public is paramount, I can not bring myself to what my freedoms in the country that witnessed the birth of the Declaration of Human Rights, are with impunity thrown away.

So I decided to progressively move my website to a host abroad (Iceland), that would be more concerned about my private life and those of the people who visit my site than my own country.

The new site is under construction, so it's probably not yet complete. so you can :